Human Trafficking

One in an original series of shorts regarding human trafficking in Nepal.

The Conscientious Objector Desmond Doss Trailer

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Mudturtle Media was enlisted by Chaparral West for certain pre-production, production management and editorial services for the documentary, “The Consientious Objector,” the basis for the Mel Gibson movie, “Hacksaw Ridge.”
In addition to working on the documentary, Mudturtle Media edited and co-produced the trailer.

Keerthana: An Orphan’s Story

Little Keerthana is dropped off at an orphange. Her mother was killed in front of her by her father. The new wife of her uncle doesn’t want to care for Keerthana anymore since her uncle, a pastor, barely makes enough to take care of his won kids. Watch as Keerthana changes her life and […]

Dark to Light The Journey of One


Jovannah Poor Bear Adams, vice-principal of Holbrook Indian School, courageously shares her journey from dark to light. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common story on the reservation. We just don’t hear about it. Until now.