Mudturtle Media, LLC Sizzle Reel

Corporate Video Production Mudturtle Media Style
Here’s a quick look at the various projects Mudturtle Media jumps into with creative abandon. We just wanted to use the phrase “creative abandon” somewhere in […]

“Why” Music Video

Mudturtle Media made a music video! Up and coming artist Talitha Gabrielle in her first professionally produced music video. Listen to more of her work at www.talithagabriellemusic.com

EATM – Exotic Animal Training and Management: Moorpark College Promotional Video

Promotional video for Moorpark College’s amazing teaching zoo. Had fun recording lots of incredible animals over the course of two days.


The Corvette Stories channel focuses on anything related to the Corvette. Here’s founder Sean McCulley’s 2006 convertible to start things off.

Airplane Reality Show Sizzle Reel

Airplane Reality Show Sizzle Reel by Mudturtle Media
A unique group of airplane fabricators specializes in hot-rodding airplanes. Mudturtle Media created this sizzle reel in it’s entirety.


Human Trafficking in Nepal Documentary Short

Human Trafficking of Girls in Nepal
One in an original series of documentary shorts regarding human trafficking in Nepal, produced by the Shae Foundation with help from Mudturtle Media. According to the U.S. […]

Anti-Heroin Public Service Announcement

An Anti-Heroin public service announcement created for the City of Santa Clarita as part of their “Heroin: The High is the Lie” campaign. Created by Mudturtle Media


Santa Clarita ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Commercial

Zombies. Run. Fast!
A commercial for a potential benefit run in the City of Santa Clarita. Oh, and there’s zombies.

Dark to Light: The Journey of One Nonprofit Fundraising Video

Jovannah Poor Bear Adams, vice-principal of Holbrook Indian School, courageously shares her journey from dark to light. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common story on the reservation. We just don’t hear […]